How to Make a Tall Cabinet With Glass Door?

If you’re looking for a tall cabinet with a glass door that will make a statement in your home, look no further than shaker cabinets. These cabinets are simple and elegant, and they’ll provide you with the extra storage you need. They can be also easily customized to fit your space.


tall cabinet with glass door

Only Cabinets is proud to offer shaker cabinets in a variety of styles and finishes. Whether you’re looking for a classic white shaker cabinet or something a little more unique, we have the perfect option for you. And, our cabinets are made from high-quality materials that will last for years.


There are a few things to consider before purchasing or building a tall cabinet with a glass door:




If you’re planning to install shaker cabinets in your kitchen, one important consideration is how to best use the tall cabinet with a glass door. This type of cabinet can be a great way to show off your best dishes or cookware, but it’s also important to plan how you’ll use the space so that everything is easily accessible. 


Here are a few tips to help you plan your tall cabinet with a glass door:


– First, consider what you’ll be using the cabinet for. If you want to showcase dishware, make sure there’s enough space on the shelves for dinner plates, bowls, and other serving pieces. If you’re planning to use the cabinet for storage, consider installing shelves that can adjust to accommodate taller items.


– Next, think about how you’ll be accessing the contents of the cabinet. If you’re planning to use it for everyday items, make sure the shelves are low enough that you can reach everything easily. For items that you won’t need to access often, consider putting them on the top shelves.


– Finally, pay attention to the details. The glass door of the cabinet can be a great way to show off your dishes, but it’s also important to make sure the door is easy to open and close. If you’re planning to use the cabinet for storage, consider adding doors with handles or knobs that are easy to grip.


Cabinets come in a variety of heights, so be sure to measure the space you have available before making your purchase. Tall cabinets are great for storing larger items, but keep in mind that they can be difficult to reach if you’re not tall enough.



This design features two fixed shelves and two adjustable shelves, so you can customize the storage to suit your needs. The cabinet also has plenty of space for displaying decorative items. Building this cabinet is a relatively straightforward process, but there are a few things to keep in mind.



First, when cutting the rabbets for the shelves, be sure to use a sharp chisel and take care not to splinter the wood. Second, when assembling the cabinet, use clamps to hold the pieces in place while you drill the pilot holes for the screws. With a little care and attention, you’ll end up with a beautiful tall cabinet that will add character to any room.




You’ve purchased your beautiful shaker cabinets and now you’re ready to install the glass door at the tall cabinet. Here’s a quick plan to help you get started. 


  1. First, remove the doors from the cabinet. You’ll need a screwdriver or drill to do this. Be careful not to damage the door or frame.


  1. Next, measure the opening for the glass door. Cut a piece of glass to fit this measurement. 


  1. Install the glass door using shims and screws. Be sure to use tempered glass if you’re going to be using it near food or heat sources.


  1. Finally, reattach the doors to the cabinet. Make sure they’re level and even before you screw them in place.


Now your shaker cabinet is complete with a beautiful glass door!




So, if you’re looking for a stylish and functional cabinet to store your belongings, consider making a tall cabinet with glass doors. Not only will it look great in any room of your home, but it’ll also be easy to keep clean and clutter-free. Follow the simple steps we outlined above, and you’ll be on your way to having a brand new piece of furniture in no time! 


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