Home trends, the housing market, and kitchen designs change frequently. Many of us who were living in the early 1980s recall avocado green appliances and, perhaps, plaid wallpaper in hues such as orange, yellow, and brown. It’s a good idea to consider how to make an evergreen kitchen while planning a kitchen remodel. If you want ideas on how to create a traditional kitchen, keep reading. There are certain characteristics that you may include in your remodel to ensure that it does not become outdated after only a few years, but rather has a timeless appearance that will make your home fashionable for many decades.

Choose a Neutral Palette

Earth tones such as beige, white, and ivory are popular. They’re always in style. This is something to keep in mind especially when selecting appliances. If you want to go with brighter colors that may be fashionable for only a short time, start by adding accents such as curtains and dishcloths, while sticking to traditional hues like white and grey for the cabinets.

Shaker-Style Cabinets

Shaker kitchen cabinets, with their understated beauty and functional design, are always a fantastic option. Solid maple, birch, and poplar woods are popular because they last a very long time. The style is both simple and fashion-proof. You can choose to paint or stain the cabinets. Shaker cabinetry traditionally comes in lighter colors such as the white and grey models that we offer at Only Cabinets. What distinguishes Shaker cabinets are the five-part door with a recessed central panel. For display shelving, this central panel is often made of glass. The products are designed to be used for a variety of applications and can be combined with a range of hardware to match both contemporary and traditional kitchen designs. The best thing about Shaker cabinets is that they’re one of the most diverse types of kitchen cabinets available. These are a safe bet for long-term appeal, whether you choose them or not. If you choose Shaker cabinets, you’ll be making a sound decision for your kitchen in both the near and long term.

Granite or high-quality stone countertops

Marble, quartz, and granite are all beautiful materials that offer more usefulness to your kitchen. You can put hot things on these counters without causing any damage because they’re so sturdy. Granite and marble countertops are also slip-resistant, non-porous, and sanitary than other tile or Formica. Each granite and marble countertop is distinct since it is manufactured from natural resources. In terms of durability, the hues don’t fade over time, so it’s a worthwhile investment that adds flair and elegance to any kitchen makeover.

Choose an Open Layout

When it comes to renovating a kitchen, there are so many exciting options that it’s easy to want to cram in as much as possible. As many local real estate experts will agree, when it comes to designing a kitchen that will endure the test of time, opting for an open, airy set up with ease of traffic flow and, most importantly, usefulness is advised. When designing a kitchen, consider how you use it and how to combine form with function. Consider drawers for keeping dishes warm if you enjoy entertaining, or perhaps double dishwashers if space is an issue. If you’re someone who often cooks for a large family, perhaps look into an oven with a grill plate. Matching the design elements to your most frequent activities is just as easy as it sounds. Only Cabinets is here to assist you with your ideas. Simply send us a photo of the kitchen along with some basic dimensions, and we’ll return with our free design advice within 1-2 business days.