Glossy White 12” – 24” 2-Drawer Vanity Cabinet


VDB12-2, VDB15-2, VDB18-2, VDB21-2, VDB24-2 – Base Vanity: Two Drawers – Only Cabinets Glossy White Collection


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Only Cabinets’s 12-24” 2-Drawer Vanity Cabinets consists of a frameless, grade “A” plywood cabinet box with a premium flat panel door and hinges. The European style (Euro Style) base cabinet features include environment-friendly material, significant cost advantage, vivid wood texture and color, and never fading, no color difference between any doors. Only Cabinets high-quality, ready-to-assemble cabinets are shipped in flat packs, are easy to assemble, and have a limited lifetime guarantee. Only Cabinets Glossy White Collection modular slab cabinets are built to last and transform any bathroom into a modern masterpiece!

*Two equal height drawer style (15″)

*Drawer hardware price is included in BOX price

*Drawer hardware is separated packed


Vanity 12”, Vanity 15”, Vanity 18”, Vanity 21”, Vanity 24”


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