Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) cabinets are a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to custom cabinetmakers for homeowners who want their kitchen or bathroom cabinets built. The entire material you’ll need to construct the RTA cabinets, including hinges, screws, and wood, will be included in your purchase. RTA cabinets are less expensive, faster to ship, more customizable, and easier to manage than bespoke cabinets. With Only Cabinets, there’s no compromising on quality, either – we use wood and plywood, never particle board – and we offer outstanding customer service to assist you in your remodelling project from the design phase to installation.


The price difference between RTA and custom cabinets is the most obvious and significant distinction. Cabinets can be hundreds, if not thousands of dollars more expensive than RTA cabinets. Because custom cabinets are created based on personal measurements, they may require a long time to create and this is reflected in their price. When buying products from Only Cabinets, it’s a breeze to consult the classic Shaker cabinet options available to you on our website and identify the prices right away. You’ll have far fewer surprises along the road as a consequence of custom cabinets, which might need more labor, longer delivery time, and an installation method that works around someone else’s timetable. RTA cabinets are also more cost-effective in addition to offering the benefit of not incurring hidden expenses that custom cabinetry entails.


Online ordering pre-assembled kitchen cabinets may appear to be a good idea at first since you’ll save time on assembly, but one of the major shortcomings of pre-assembled and custom vs. RTA cabinets is the shipping. RTA cabinets arrive in a flat box while pre-assembled and custom ones arrive in very large shipments that can be enormously costly and inconvenient to move and store. Because they aren’t yet put together, RTA cabinets are less prone to harm. You have more control over the storage process with RTA cabinets, and you may also save money on shipping! Custom cabinets, on the other hand, will take a long time to ship and may add a level of uncertainty to any home renovation project.


We offer our cabinets in traditional and timeless white and gray hues that complement your countertops, appliances, flooring, and walls. For the kitchen, we offer base, wall, and tall cabinets in three different sizes to fit your individual design: for example, base cabinets come in 09-21, 24-30, 33-36 and there are also two sizes of lazy susan corner base cabinets, one standard size for the blind base corner cabinets, two sizes of sink base cabinets, and a drawer base cabinet in five different sizes. Be sure to explore our product pages to see what other options there are for the other cabinet varieties. You may get a 3D kitchen design request online to see which would go best in your kitchen or bathroom renovation.


We at Only Cabinets are happy to provide you with expert, professional advice and the assembling process is as simple as checking out our how-to videos on our website. When purchasing the top-notch goods that we have been offering for nearly a century, you can depend on our excellent customer service and openness. We provide expert advice and answer all your questions regarding the purchase of kitchen cabinets. We also ship your newly chosen furniture in about 48 hours after you’ve made your selection. With RTA cabinets, you may plan your kitchen makeover into your schedule because you are not reliant on a cabinetmaker. And the cabinets go together quickly, giving you that extra gratification of saving money while still integrating Shaker elegance into your home!